About The Editor

Born in 1974 Birmingham you could say I was at the right age when the indie music scene took hold in the late 80s and 90s. For me, every Saturday in the 90s was about following Aston Villa and then out to The Pot of Beer, Black Horse, and The Hummingbird or Snobs in the evening sporting my choice of indie top and Doc Martens.

In June 2015 I decided to set up a Twitter feed dedicated to the indie music scene of that time hoping to bring some nostalgia to those around my age and to enable others to discover new music.  The response exceeded my expectations, but also confirmed my belief that this was a special era in music. Coincidentally, more bands started reforming and touring again, and nostalgic events such as club nights and festivals announced.

Since then, Indie Rewind has expanded to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Events, and enjoyed over four years on internet radio.


I hope you enjoy what I am doing.


This special era of indie music was a post-punk movement that evolved in the late 80s pioneered by earlier bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, REM, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. It gave us a look and a lifestyle - it wasn't just about the music.

The term indie derives from "independent" as artists were making music off their own backs assisted by an independent record label such as Creation Records, Rough Trade, and 4AD. However, it quickly became possible for indie artists to be associated with a major record label and therefore go into the mainstream. Even so, although it became more popular in the 90s, indie music was still underground enough that you could take pride in following a band that not everyone had heard of, and be part of a special scene that gave us an attitude and an image. As long as a song had that recognisable "indie guitars and drums" sound, then it was indie to us, whatever the genre.

Hardcore indie fans will refer to the "C86"album as the start of it all and a pivotal movement for indie music in the UK, despite it not varying much from an "indie-pop" genre. C86 was a compilation album released by NME in 1986 featuring new UK bands from independent record labels.

Indie Rewind will bring the nostalgia to you through social media. We follow the best Twitter accounts, including many indie artists from back in the day, some of who have reformed or are still performing today.